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With Audio Engineer, Matt Antal

Audio Recording


Meet Our Audio Production Wizard:
Matt Antal!

With over 15 years of audio recording and production experience, Matt has experience both on stage in front of the microphones and behind them. He has recorded everything from solo piano, harpsichord, string duets, piano trios, to string quartets, voice soloists, to large orchestral ensembles.

Past Clients Include:

UofT/GGS Music Performance Majors

Toronto Symphony Orchestra Concertmaster, Jonathan Crow

National Ballet Concertmaster, Aaron Schwebel

The Rolston String Quartet

Concert Violinist, Edwin Huizinga

Concert Pianist, Philip Chiu


Matt currently also records with Tafelmusik Baroque Orchestra, Opera Atelier, and many of Canada's Top Musical Artists.

Toronto Musicians & Artists

Our team regularly works with musicians, Faculty, and students from The Faculty of Music at The University of Toronto, The Glenn Gould School / Royal Conservatory of Music, and York University.


Audio First

When we film and record audio live on set, we always set up the mics and find the ideal sound first.

Only then do we find the best camera angles and direction.  Especially for musicians. 

Master Your Audio to Your Satisfaction

The many perks of having a professional musician record and master your track is that they know what to pay attention to, both on set and in post-production,  especially if you're looking for a particular sound! 


You Play. We Work!

Recitals, auditions, juries: they're stressful!

But they don't have to be. 

When an experienced team accompanies you for your recording production, you'll have confidence that every take will work out to your liking. 


We Prioritize the Musical Score...
As Much As You!

When we get your call, the first thing we do is study the score you send us, so we have a crystal clear idea about the repertoire you've worked so hard on and how you want it to sound.

Top of the Line Microphones & Equipment

We're super proud of using great gear to produce amazing sound!


Microphones that we use include top of the line models from Schoeps, Neumann, AEA, AKG, and more.

Our clients are always impressed when their final recordings sound like a live performance in their own living room.



763 Bay Street
Toronto, Ontario 
M5G 2R3

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