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What Makes Our Work Different?

Behind the Scenes


Your Priorities Come First

What you want is our primary focus.


Tell us what you need filmed or produced and we'll make it happen!

Every Project is Custom to Your Needs

Need a make up artist? 


Four Cameras? 


You got it!

Budget Restrictions? Tight Deadline?
No Problem.

Need to apply for a grant first?

Have a certain budget in mind?

Every project is quoted differently based on what we can do for you and your budget. 

Talk to us and we'll make it work!

Talented, Reliable, and Responsible Team
Of Artists

Every single of us hustle because we love filming and working to make something beautiful. 

Whether that's behind the camera, setting up perfect lighting, spending more hours editing your project, or doing your make-up and hair.

You can depend on all of us! 

If You Look and Sound Great...
So Do We!

Our job is to make you look amazing and sound incredible. 

So you can brag to all your friends about our work!

We Love Filming and Meeting New Artists

We love working with all types of artists and exploring new ways of collaboration!

Let's get that beautiful face in front of a camera!


763 Bay Street
Toronto, Ontario 
M5G 2R3

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